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Novonesis Partnership

HMI and Novonesis, a global leader in biosolutions, are excited to launch the establishment of a leading research consortium aimed at setting accelerating discoveries and knowledge in the field of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs).

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Destination HMI

$1M gift endows annual symposium to sustain community access in perpetuity.

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The Science of Human Milk

Dr. Julia Cormano speaks with HMI Director Dr. Lars Bode about the significance of human milk, highlighting its diverse benefits for infants and mothers. They explore its unique properties and practical implications for healthcare and society on a global scale.

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HMI Newsletter launched

The new HMI newsletter spotlights the Institute’s progress, features groundbreaking research in the field, celebrates faculty accomplishments, and announces pivotal events.

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HMI Symposium 2024

Monday & Tuesday, March 18 & 19, 2024

Program and speaker lineup has been announced!
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HMI Executive Director

Dr. Mitra Hooshmand to lead strategy and operations of UC San Diego's Human Milk Institute

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Pandemic Preparedness

HMI partners with the UC San Diego PREPARE Institute to create an infrastructure for rapidly analyzing the impact of pandemics and other health threats on human milk. As a first step, we offer Developmental Grants in Pandemic Prevention and Human Milk Research

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Research Update

Collaborators from UC San Diego's Human Milk Institute and the PREPARE Institute validate tools to monitor the presence of monkeypox virus in human milk and confirm that standard Holder pasteurization inactivates the virus.

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HMI Symposium 2023

Watch the recordings, scroll through the photos, and read participant testimonials.

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LactMed and LactRx now available online

LactMed and LactRx contain information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed and are now available as web and App online!

LactMed on the Web

LactMed on NCBI

LactRx for iPhone

LactRx for iPhone

LactRx for Android

LactRx for Android