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Center of Research Excellence

The Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Mother-Milk-Infant Center of Research Excellence (LRF MOMI CORE) at UC San Diego is the engine of discovery focused on understanding human milk to improve the health and development of infants, mothers, and people of all ages.


Looking to Human Milk for New Answers

The idea that human milk is just food for babies couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s full of molecules and cells that protect infants and mothers from diseases and improve their overall health and development. But what exactly is in human milk? How does it work? Can we leverage it to improve the health of all people at every stage of life? In 2016, we created MOMI CORE - the first-ever interdisciplinary research center committed to human milk and lactation - to answer these questions and many more.

Our mission

To create an engine of discovery focused on understanding human milk by fostering collaborative investigation across research, education and clinical practice to improve the health and development of infants, mothers and people of all ages.


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Igniting Innovation through Intersection

New discovery starts by getting the right people in the same room. That’s what MOMI incubators are all about.  In "Think Tanks", workshops, and symposia, we actively engage researchers, clinicians and educators from across disciplines.

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Fueling the engine of discoveries

Research is a marathon, not a sprint. However, research funding is time-limited, forcing researchers to spend precious time pursuing dollars instead of answers. MOMI CORE utilizes a sustainable financing system that allows investigators to focus on what matters—actual research.

MOMI Seeds

Raising startup funds can be a significant roadblock for researchers. That’s why we created MOMI Seeds - an annual pilot grant program to fund early-stage projects and enable multidisciplinary research.

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MOMI Fellows

The MOMI Fellows initiative provides funding to support graduate and post-graduate trainees from various disciplines and is designed to develop the next generation of innovators in human milk research.

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Every year, an estimated 18 million people die from heart attack or stroke! - All these years, the answer to treating and preventing the underlying cardiovascular disease might have been right in front of us...

Our latest data from extensive preclinical studies indicate that a specific component in human milk can serve as a novel and safe therapeutic to combat cardiovascular disease and save millions of lives.

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The UC San Diego Mother-Milk-Infant Center of Research Excellence is endowed in perpetuity through a generous gift by the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation in Switzerland.